Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Lake of Fire

Here is a short poem I wrote coming from the perspective of a condemned person. It's roughly based on Luke 16's passage of the dialogue between the rich man and Abraham.

After 5,000 years in my hell isolation cell,
Will I still recall the years that God's goodness in the land of the living held?
Or in damnation's hold will I forever fix
My gaze upon those whose lives I miss?
Then as I, in my revelry I lie 
Sincerely ask those in God's by and by: 
"What goes there now? May I get a relief somehow?"
"No, my friend." They say. "You are there and we are here. 
And though we love you We cannot pass to you from here. 
And yes, it's a sad state of affairs 
But God wipes away all our tears. 
And will for an infinite number of years."
And then as I remember what nears 
I try to count down the time Until it appears - The Lake of Fire - With immeasurable fear!

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