Friday, July 13, 2018

A Dream With Mama Heidi

I was lying in bed and edging away from the leftovers of sleep when I was sucked into the Spirit with Heidi Baker. When I got to wherever God wanted me to be, I was in the midst of a pool of water and anointing oil. And Heidi was submerging a kind of base that's used in the game of baseball underneath all the oil and water. She was jumping on top of it and completely bringing it under the surface of the Presence of God. When I saw this I instinctively joined her; declaring things like healing, joy, peace, and a myriad of other things over the plate as I helped her cover it with the Presence.

At this point, (as we were behaving like children in this pool) our foreheads met together as we were splashing about and she said something about Jesus. What she said was something explicit about His body. The moment was holy and pure, but I still could understand what she was saying because the Lord had given the same type of revelation to me earlier in life. What happened next was another person's view came into my periphery vision next to me, and I was hesitant to say what I was going to say. But at the nudging of Heidi to be free and say what I wanted, I spoke. I told her that in Heaven God made us one with Himself and one with all believers. And John 17 made this clear. I went on to say to her that whatever God does in Spirit he also carries out in the physical. At that, Heidi stood back and asked, "Am I supposed to believe that?"

 I kind of was taking aback myself, and though I didn't start to try to defend my point, I replied that she was free to believe what she wanted and that was just my personal belief. All in all, I would say that the moment didn't lose its glory even in all this.

 What followed after was a sort of
desolvation or parenthetic with my time with Heidi and me talking to God about a lot of things before finally getting out of bed and started the day's tasks.


I don't really know why I'm posting this. But I do feel like Holy Spirit has given me the prompting to post and make it public. Later, with my time with the Lord, it came to me why Heidi might have been taken aback at what I said. Of course, she's married and what I said had strong implications. And of course, I understand that. I respect her husband, Roland. I think the both of them are incredible people. Listening to Roland reminds me of Jesus. It's rare that a theologian can sit down and talk and not come across as someone who states his opinions in a "my way or no way" sort of attitude. He engages people in a way that makes them think. And the questions he poses aren't rhetorical. I've only sat and watched one extended talk he's done on the IRIS podcast. And the things he brings up in discussion really probe the heart and soul. I do plan on watching more. As for the Heidi dream, what's ironic, is that the night before, I had watched a video of her ministering on YouTube.

 I'm just excited that the Lord saw fit to give me a dream, experience, or whatever it can be called to go with what I have already attained. And for those reading, "then, who are mature should take such a view of things. And if on some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you." (The apostle Paul - Philippians 3:15)
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Greybeard & The Dying Man

Take a stroll with me and get a look at some of God's people.
In this video, you'll see the living conditions of some of the homeless in Chattanooga. And you will meet two friends I had the privilege to talk and pray with. 

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. Video briefly shows a man urinating in the middle of the sidewalk. And it has not been edited. 

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Monday, July 2, 2018

The time is coming for an end to legalized abortion!

Several days ago I paid a visit to the National Memorial For The Unborn to weep over my sins and the sins of the nation. At one point while I was praying in intercession for the children and adults who’ve been effected by these atrocities, I looked out into the courtyard of this place and it was entirely engulfed with the consuming fire of God. And angels were dancing and worshiping in the midst of Him. It was an awesome site. But fast-forward to a few days ago, the Lord gave me a follow-up Word to what was prophesied during a church meeting I attended. Not only there was it announced that a future generation in America would see the end of legalized abortion, but what I received was not only would thousands be saved from being murdered in the womb, but there will be a generation coming that will give birth to multitudes of babies. This will make the “baby-boom” generation seem miniscule in comparison. Not only will hospitals be over-run with women giving birth, but babies will be delivered in very crazy places. The time is coming for this to happen. But in the meantime, the battle is on for not only the souls of little babies, but also men and women who are caught up in lies. If you ever get a chance, take a visit to the National Memorial For The Unborn and see the wonderful work of redemption and healing that is taking place there. You won’t be disappointed.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Roughing it in New Orleans For 2 and a Half Days

This testimony is a recollection of a time that I took a bus trip to New Orleans, LA and roughed it on foot for 2 1/2 days.

It started in Chattanooga with a growing unease of itchy feet and wanting to have an adventure. So I set out. It took a little over 9 hours to get there (including several Greyhound bus stops) Once arriving at the terminal in downtown New Orleans, I asked which way to the public library. Upon getting closer to the library, I found a public park that had lush grass and trees to camp in. So I laid down and rested until it was the hour for the library to open.

Once inside the library, I filled my jug up with water and used one of the computers there. After a couple of hours, I used the available Wifi connection to pull up the route I wanted to walk and set off. I decided to use a central point of downtown as a base for which I would coordinate my moves.
I would use the Greyhound Bus station, and the New Orleans Mission as points to stay within so I wouldn't get sidetracked. (Both were a few blocks away from each other)

Once I got back to this area, I started walking down a long stretch of road not knowing where I was going. The only thing I remember during this time was walking past an absolute wretch. He was human for sure, but his demeanor and manner and the way he carried himself spoke of a vicious animal. At the time he reminded me of what Peter spoke of when he said that they are unreasoning animals, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like animals, they too will perish. (2 Peter 2:12)

At the time I knew enough not to try to talk to him because he would have no doubt lashed out and given me problems. So I carefully watched him pass and took in the spectacle.

It wasn't long after I kept walking along that a young man (approximately 18 or 19 years old) walked out of a side house and started on the path a few yards in front of me.

I called out to him and said something about him and Jesus. I don't recall the exact things I asked or told  him. But for the point of this testimony and an explanation of why I did what I did, I will say it was about Jesus and reaching this guy for His glory's sake.

So there he and I went. I spent about 5 minutes walking side by side with him. However, eventually, he said that he had to go on and started walking faster and left me. Naturally, I spooked the poor kid. But Holy Spirit told me to keep following him.  I didn't let him move  out of my line of sight. And by this time he knew I was following him. It seemed like we crossed areas of the city four or five times. Eventually, he turned into an alleyway, but I kept pursuing him. He went into a house on the block. So I crossed the street and went further down and waited on him. About half an hour later he came back out and started off again. I kept a considerable distance but kept following him. This was when he stopped and hollered at me and asked me what I wanted. I don't remember what I told him. But I'm sure it was something about Jesus. At this point, I could tell that he was getting freaked. And I had the choice to make. Was I going to keep following him like this or leave him alone and let him go his own way? Again, Holy Spirit told me to keep following him.
Now at this point, I had to examine my own sanity in this because even to me it was getting crazy. To make a long story short, this kid ended up going all over the city of New Orleans trying to escape me. We first meet each other at approximately 9 in the morning, and our adventure wouldn't end until around 10 PM that night.

Some highlights of the pursuit were when he got lucky and lost me. He had weaved in and out of stores and streets until I lost track of him. So I remember sitting under a tree, utterly exhausted, and getting a fill of water. At that point, I thought the mission was over. So I got on my phone to call family back in Chattanooga to let them know I was returning. And the second I was about to say that I was coming back, guess who rounded the corner of the road? It was him!  So I told my party nevermind and that I had to go. So I continued my pursuit. It was moments like that when I knew God was in this. A large percentage of the time it made no sense what I was doing; especially when I would sit in the middle part of the highways and watch him while traffic flowed every direction. He called or had people call the police more than once. These times happened when he was either working at a gas station or spending time idle there as his friend worked there. Yeah, the cops came to me at least two times asking me who I was and what I wanted with the boy. I don't recall what I told them. I either told them I didn't have any interest in the boy or told them something else. But either way, they couldn't do anything to me. Because technically I wasn't breaking the law. So this went on until night time. Finally, he walked off from the gas station property and went to a Costco. Apparently, he had friends that worked there too. A couple of them told me to kick rocks and get off the property. To which I obliged (knowing the law) but I never let him get out of sight. Finally, he kept moving to different areas, and we ended up in a huge parking lot.

That's when someone in a car pulled up beside me and identified himself at this kid's older brother. He asked me what I wanted with his younger sibling. And again, I don't recall all that I said, but I just remember the boldness of how I said things. I mentioned that I was on a mission and that Holy Spirit had commanded me to follow his brother from the start of the day. I didn't elaborate why but insisted that the mission was now over. So this guy and I end up talking more, and at first, he was very suspect and kept asking me questions about who I was and why I was there. I kept reiterating that I was on a mission from God. And that's when this man ended up opening up. I suppose he got reassured that I wasn't dangerous or as crazy as it seemed and let me get in his car. Before that, I told him that I had to continue my mission on Bourbon Street and asked him if he would give me a ride there. During the drive, he confided in me that his younger brother and to some extent himself weren't living for God as they should. Before I got out of his car, he handed me a wad of money and thanked me. He prayed for me and then I got out and left, walking the dirty and dark streets of New Orleans some more.

What transpired after was open-air preaching under a corner streetlight (outside a bar), an encounter with two of the friendliest cops I've ever met, a courtesy ride back to the downtown district per New Orleans finest, one of the best church services I've ever been to (at the New Orleans mission's night chapel service, an elegant dinner at the same mission (served up to us like we were kings), a chance meeting with a young woman and her autistic son, (and the time we spent riding on the greyhound together and sharing life)

As you can read, a lot went into this short trip to New Orleans. Much I didn't write about. But it is a primer to me that such trips can be very fruitful and rewarding. I do plan on taking another soon.
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Monday, June 25, 2018

Lord Teach Us To Pray

God is the Creator. He is the maker of everything that is holy and good. Satan, on the other hand, is not. He distorts what is of God and perverts it until what's left is counterfeit and wrong. Things have always been this way since the beginning. However, for over two thousand years now, saints have been praying the Disciples prayer for God's kingdom to come, His will to be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

And I know since we are human beings in God's likeness, we also have the ability to create as well. It's just who God made us. Now we as free moral beings are given a choice to either create in the moral fabric of this world's system (which is evil) Or we have the opportunity to create things which are good and useful. And we as people of God and the Bible know, the difference between these two spectrums of how people will ultimately gravitate to hinge on  two realities:

1. Has a person been born-again and given a new heart which has God's truth written on it to live out?


2. Is that person unregenerated and still dead in their trespasses and sins?

Jesus said that by their fruit you would know them. He was talking about the fruit of the Spirit. But for this blog post I will not delve into that right now.  What I'm trying to do is establish a foundation for what I'm aiming to talk about here, and that's the topic of the first few words of the Disciples prayer found in Matthew 6.

God's kingdom come. His will be done. On earth, as it is in Heaven.
I realize there are many definitions and examples the Bible gives for God's kingdom. And I readily accept and believe the fact that it's firstly a kingdom that resides in each believer as they are filled with God's Holy Spirit. But for the sake of discussing the subject of creating things let's go back to what I started with at the beginning of this post:

God is the  Creator. And the Bible says that what the Lord makes is good. (Genesis 1:31) And moreover, the Bible says what the Lord then gives is good as well. So let's pause, reflect, and share some things that we know the Lord has given us:

Daily food

Seriously, the list could go on and on. And it would be enough to give us the peace that Paul talked about as we are thankful for how He has truly blessed us. And if we took the time to meditate on other things God has done for us, it would inevitably bring us back to God's kingdom come. His will be done. On earth, as it is in Heaven.

Think about this for a moment. Salvation came at the expense of Jesus Christ crucified on a cross for our redemption. His blood shed for our forgiveness. Now no matter what anyone says, that right 
there is the most important blessing anyone could ever have. There's nothing that compares to knowing Christ. I heard one preacher put it this way when asked what does Heaven mean to him. "JESUS!," was his answer. And how true that is.

But did you ever stop to think from the perspective of the Bible when scripture says that He was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the earth? You see, it was a done deal. And when Christ came over 2,000 years ago, it was just God's kingdom come. His will be done. On earth, as it is in Heaven.

I'm telling you. I could share much about this that entails what I believe Heaven will be like when we get there. Imagine every joyful thing. Every pleasurable thing. Every good thing that we have experienced on earth – Experienced in Heaven with Jesus.

When I think about this, I'm reminded of Hebrews 8 where the writer alludes to the fact that things on earth are a copy and shadow to the things in Heaven. So the question I pose is this: What are all those things? What I submit here in this blog post is my answer: Everything good that God has made.

But here's the kicker: All these things will take place minus one thing: The taint of temptation and sin. I don't think a lot of people realize how much Satan has disfigured and corrupted this earth from God's original plan. That goes a lot into having our minds renewed and transformed by the Truth of God's Word. And that's a topic for another day. The one other truth I would leave here as a side note is found in Titus 1:15 which is a remarkable verse in my opinion. It's one of my favorite verses to remember when the topic of sacred vs. secular comes up. 

Nevertheless, I end this post on three takeaway notes for people reading. The first one is to consumer Christianity that wants all the things of God and revelation served up to them on a platter without doing the due diligence of spending time with God themselves and obeying what the scripture has revealed. Can I say to you this: 1.  Be the Berean. 2. Don't take someone's morning leftover manna for your daily spiritual diet. 3. Get with the Lord yourself and let the promise of 1 Corinthians 2:9-12 sink in until you are sure and satisfied in Him

The second message is to folks who are on the pathway of obedience and have given their hearts to God. Can I remind you of something Jesus said: John 16:12-14

The point is it takes time. My prayer for you is that faith will arise, and you will keep your eyes on the prize no matter what men and institution may argue or debate otherwise. The report of the Lord is still true. And it's up to us to believe it and walk in ways that put our faith into action.

Lastly, my concluding message is for those who are neither of the above. In fact, you are lost. And when I wrote about the taint of what all the devil has done to God's creation, you are the ones who practice and bask in it. You use temptations as opportunities to do what you know is wrong. What Jesus told people during His days of walking on the earth was relevant then as it is today. Repent and believe the gospel!

Yes, the sin you are taking pleasure in now is only but for a moment. And many of you know that. Comparatively, so is your life. The Bible asks and answers a question when it states this: 

"What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes." (James 4:14)

However, if you have an interest in reading about how you can be reconciled to God and saved, please read the following link:

How To Become a Christian

Good day and God bless!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

And He will show you things to come (Part 1)

I love God. And I make no qualms about the fact that the Lord and I are very close. I talk to Him, and He speaks to me. Have I discerned the voice of Holy Spirit correctly 100% of the time? Unfortunately, no. But even in those times, there were mitigating circumstances that caused me to get it wrong. Nevertheless, Jesus said in John 16:13 that Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth and show us things to come. I can't begin to tell you of the many times I have sat and waited for Holy Spirit to commune with me. But for the sake of posterity and the glory of God, I will share one season where I stayed up and received Word from God. This was during a part of my life where I was working a 1st shift job somewhere, and I had to get up early in the morning. Despite this, however, I had a strong desire to stay up late and be with the Lord. All I wanted to do was pray to Him and praise Him. That's it. I had no other motive for wanting to spend time with Him other than that. So for three days straight, instead of going to bed, I stayed up in my living room and sang songs to Him and poured out my heart to Him in prayer. On the third and final day of staying up doing this, I remember walking over to my couch and the Lord opening up my spirit and heart to receive from Him.

He spoke to me concerning three specific things He wanted to accomplish in my life, and then He gave details about each one. The first thing He talked to me about was the fact that He was going to provide me with a wife. This in itself was an encouragement to me since I had been growing in that area of longing for some time by then. But He wasn't finished speaking. He then started to give me descriptions of what this future woman would be like. The characteristics God gave me for her included: That she would be skinny, would wear glasses, would be shy, and would have curly hair. I even remember writing these things down as He spoke to me about her.

Afterward, I was so excited, that what followed after was a series of events where every time I saw a woman who even remotely resembled these descriptions, I would seek her out. Some of these instances proved to be even comical. And some almost got me into trouble. It's been a few years since I received this Word from the Lord, and I still don't know where this woman of God is or how or when we're going to meet. But I still believe the Lord for what He imparted to me that night while I spent time with Him. The last time I asked Holy Spirit for a timeframe of when He would bring her into my life, I gauged a period of about three years from now. I know God wants to do more things in my life before then. So I'm staying busy with things He has put in my care and planning.

I'm writing this blog post to set a marker for the time when this prophecy does come to pass, that there will be a record of it being said before it happens. And all glory and praise will belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. For He is worthy! Amen
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Monday, April 30, 2018

CRM - Daryll

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