Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Transformed By the Renewing of My Mind (2)

In my previous post, yesterday, I spoke out against the mega-church model and explained how they are not God's original intent for fellowships. Today, I'm taking the next step and speaking out against other things you find in churches that I don't believe are of God either.

I think many of us who have been going to worship at churches for a good length of time in the 21st century have encountered this style of church and it's the lights, glitz, and glamour fellowship. And in large, the displays put on by these events are not much different than concerts or entertainment extravaganzas shown by the world. But what I would submit in this blog post is that they are unnecessary and tacky. In fact, I believe there are a large number of millennial's growing to agree with me. They are getting sick of theatrics and want something authentic. And as long as leaders are using gimmicks to draw crowds, then there will always be faulty premises which will inevitably lead to messed up ends.

The fake elements of worship churches are going to great (and expensive) lengths to create are merely counterfeits of what could truly happen if a people came together to worship and lift up the name of Jesus. Consider the following two examples:

The fog machine: These machines emit smoke which I've been told mimic prayers. And combined with different kinds of aroma makers, these are supposed to resemble what the Bible calls the incense of the saints.  

Light shows: These serve no purpose other than contributing to headaches parishioners get when sitting under their influence for long periods of time. (Other than what I've already mentioned) I honestly don't know why leaders choose to incorporate different lights in their services. But I know one thing: The majority of times when I've been in a church and experienced the supernatural, whether it was angels or other activity of Heaven coming to earth, it wasn't in places where light shows were being demonstrated.

Again, these are just two examples of errors the church has been engaging in for years now. The Bible says that we have an enemy that masquerades as an angel of light. And the Bible says that he will even use lying signs, powers, and wonders to deceive people. 
In conclusion, what I want to submit is this: Leaders need to stop operating their churches like circuses and giving the devil footholds to counterfeit the things of God. People are asking and looking for the real deal. And if all you have to offer are things like a bunch of lights, fog machines, etc..Then what are you doing for the kingdom of God? Amen.

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