Thursday, July 26, 2018

And He will show you things to come (Part 2)

 In the previous installment of this title (part 1), I discussed being before the Lord and just praying and praising Him for who He is and what He had already done in my life. I had no other agenda besides that. So I was particularly surprised when after I spent my devotion on Him during this time (years ago) that He started prophesying things to come in my future. As I wrote about before, one of those things was a future wife with specific traits to her. The second and third thing he told me He wanted to accomplish in my life was to use me to plant a church and get formal Bible training at Lee University. As for the Bible training, this surprised me too seeing as how I really didn't like school growing up. I questioned it as well, seeing as how I don't even have a high school education. However, upon calling the college, I learned that there are no such requirements for previous education to study under their adult education program. This was good news to me since I saw no point in studying core subjects if all I wanted to do was preach the gospel.

As for the church He wants me to plant, the only other detail He gave me that morning regarding it was the name He wanted it called. The Church of the Upper Room was what He told me to name it. Over a period of time, He's given me other specific details of what the ministry will look like. At its core, it will be "a ministry unto an audience of One." There will be peculiar differences between it and how a lot of other churches operate. For one, worship will look different. Instead of a team of people standing on a stage and looking out over a congregation; whoever worships by playing instruments and singing, will do so with the congregation on the floor, with everybody facing the same direction. The architecture of the building will be so that there will be a slight descent on the floor starting from the entrance of the sanctuary to the front. This will be accomplished to take more emphasis off worship watching to truly ministering before an audience of One.

I've yet to write out a mission statement for this church, but it will be fundamentally set to reach the 7 different spheres of influence in society:

 Religion / Church
 Media (Communication)
 Celebration (Arts, Entertainment, and Sports)
 Economics (Business, Science, and Technology


The church will do this by:

 1. Supporting missions and organizations dedicated to advancing God's kingdom in each of these realms.

 2. Installing, equipping, and sending individuals called to minister in each of these spheres.

On a grassroots level, The Church of the Upper Room will also be dedicated to serving the needy and homeless of Chattanooga by giving out food once a week on the church's property.

Needless to say, these are huge endeavors. However, one of the largest visions God has given me associated with The Church of the Upper Room is starting a ministry which will physically touch all of Chattanooga and the Tri-State area. It's going to be a 24/6 ministry which will involve Spirit-filled teams working around the clock. It will consist of one phone and a van. Ministering will take place as needed. People may call the number and ask for a visit or whatever is required. These teams will be specifically trained for evangelism and will operate in all the gifts of the Holy Ghost.


Eventually, the vision is to equip the teams with body cams and cams in the vehicles and record every time someone is ministered to. I'm thinking of something like the show COPS, but completely ministry related instead. Later, all footage can be sent off to a production company for edit and to make ready for broadcasting and a later date.

So as you can tell, this vision will cost a ton of money to launch and sustain. I even have an idea for building a few apartments on the property of the church to house a few team members. I have my eye on one particular piece of real estate right down the road from the Chattanooga Community Kitchen. What's strange is that half the building itself currently isn't even being used. I expect it to go for sale one day eventually. And when it does, I believe God has designated it to be to the home of The Church of the Upper Room and its associated auspices.

So that's it. Those are the bare bones of what I believe God is calling not only myself to but many others as well. What's beautiful is that there are already ministries and churches already on the scene. And many, I believe, will come and flow with what God wants to do here. Whether that's preachers, worship leaders, urban missionaries, or whoever else. It's the perfect time for God to send out laborers because what Jesus said about the fields being ripe already for harvest is true. To Him be the glory!

In another article, I will write a new post on how I believe God wants to partly fund the ministry I've spoken about here and others who are about the Father's business. Please keep reading and stay tuned for more on Abba's heart. Stay blessed!


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