Monday, August 16, 2021

How to attract the opposite sex


I'm taking a break from romping to interlude something I just got from a download from the Lord. As some of you may deduce from this, my time away hasn't exactly been stellar in the spiritual department. But nevertheless, I was able to glean these nuggets straight from the Source. The points are His while the examples are mine. I've been trying to live these out in the real world. It hasn't always been perfect and to my liking but they are still true regardless. Feel free to take a read and post your feedback if you want to. I look forward to reading some of your replies. Maybe.

P.S. The following suggestions are intended to be universal; meaning that anyone (Christian or not) can practice them and get results. While they are good, I still submit that the best way still for godly attraction is to be on fire with God and let His presence and glow emanate and and permeate all relationships either romantic or platonic. This is true for the children of God who love Jesus.

1.) Be kind
a.) Helping a drunk woman at a bar by walking her out and designating driving for her.
b.) Assisting a female dumpster diver with placing her items from the dumpster into her car.
c.) Friendly hugging a bereaving woman when she is sad or depressed.

2.) Be considerate (involves thinking and then sharing with a woman something that is positive about her.)
a.) Complimenting a woman on how pretty she is.
b.) Encouraging a lady by telling her she's doing a good job.
c.) Giving a woman praise on how smart she is.

3.) Be hygienic (Doesn't necessarily mean being handsome or beautiful. But is conductive to maintaining health, being clean and sanitary.)
a.) Taking regular showers.
b.) Brushing your teeth.
c.) Cutting and combing your hair.

4.) Be Persistent (Does not mean harassing or being a pest to the opposite sex, but includes enduring and continuing firmly with advances toward the opposite sex.)

5.) Tell the opposite sex that you love them.
(This means literally telling the person of the opposite sex that you love them while meaning it.)

The first real example I witnessed of this was a brother in the Lord (who wasn't spectacular in the looks department, but made a habit of telling women that he loved them. And he just wasn't putting them on but meant it. The response he always got was that women would always gravitate to him. This point here is that love has often become a cliche word in western world, and people use it flippantly. But when it is verbally expressed to women along with actions to back it up; it's not to be underestimated when used to attract the opposite sex.

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