Monday, April 13, 2020

God Loves a Cheerful Giver

It's always best to live the Word of God yourself rather 

than to study it from commentaries or experience 

vicariously thru someone else who’s giving a testimony. 

For example: One day I read the verse where Paul wrote 

how God loves a "cheerful" giver. So I prayed and asked 

God to allow me to yada (personally experience) that 

verse for myself. Then the day came when I was working, 

and I just had gotten back from the bank with an envelope 

full of bills. It was pay day. So there I went, driving down 

the road, when I saw an old man and an even older lady in 

a wheelchair. They were together and the guy was pushing 

her in the wheelchair. So I prayed and inquired with the Lord 

if this was someone I could help. So I pulled up to them and 

asked them about their situation. Turned out the man said he 

could use some help with extra bus fare. So I reached into my

envelope, intending to pull out one bill, but as I did, the Holy 

Spirit filled me and I started taking out bill after bill and 

handing it to him. He was blown away. And I was getting

overwhelmed by this point too. 

I tried explaining myself but as the seconds ticked away, tears 

and laughter started flowing as well. Thank God he was a 

believer too. Because I must have seemed like a madman that 

day. But it was all good. By the way, do you know the word 

that’s used for "cheerful" in the original greek?

It's hilaros - meaning to describe spontaneous non-reluctant 

giving. And do you know that's where we get our word 

"hilarious" from?

I’m not sharing this to toot my own horn. I’m just 

posting this to make my point. 

That's the best way to discern what a truth or principle

is. By doing it.

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