Wednesday, August 7, 2019

5 Suggestions for being the greatest in the kingdom of God

Some time ago the Lord began teaching me things that I've considered to be from His deep counsel. I don't expect a lot of people to agree with me, but one thing I won't do is debate these principles. Nevertheless, with that being said, in this first of upcoming blog posts, I share with readers one of the first things He taught me. And it has to do with the number 5 in the Bible. It is significant because it represents the number of God's grace. All throughout God's counsel and workings there are always five elements that determine an outcome of a specific doctrine. In this post, I enlarge on a teaching that Christ gave us found in Matthew 5.

PS – It's one thing if you read this and disagree. But if you see anything in what I post to be blatant error, please contact me. I'm more than happy to stand corrected if you show me evidence from the Bible that I am wrong.

Jesus made distinctions between people in His kingdom as far as who would be the least to the greatest.

I realize that God is no respecter of people. But we all have a choice to whether we will go low or high. And the paradoxical answer to the latter is to go lower and to stay there as a lifestyle. Here are 5 points the Lord has taught me concerning how God ranks Christians as it regards to this. Notice that it's about a heart relationship from a believer to Jesus and that's it.

Afterward, I'll upload a song that sums up what I'm saying simply enough. Thanks for reading!

1. Do you go to Jesus Christ when you are alone and nobody else is around? Just how do you spend that down time when it's just you and the God who made you? The degree to which you do this will be one factor that determines your place in His kingdom.

2.To what degree do you allow Holy Spirit to guide and direct the details of your life? Many think this concept is foolish and unnecessary, but the Lord loves to be a part of every step of our walk as we'll let Him have. Watch God micro-manage your life and experience all the fullness that He has to offer. 

3. To what degree do you inquire about the hidden things of God and the things you don't know? Thru the centuries God has loved to take His servants up as they search out matters that God has kept secret before the foundation of the world. The Bible says it's the glory of the Lord to hide matters but the glory of kings to search them out. 

4. To what degree do you suffer for the sake of Christ? Paul told us that if we suffer for Him we will also reign with Him. The degree of hardships and persecutions we endure for the sake of His kingdom and righteousness will be direct reflections of the glory we will partake with Him in the ages to come. 

5. Lastly, how much do you obey? First, to His revealed will thru what is written. And secondly, to the Holy Spirit's promptings. 
By the way, three ways in which we always need to obey God are:

1. Immediately (Do it right after you know He wants you to do it. Don't wait. Example: When someone asks you to pray for them. Do it right there on the spot. Otherwise, you might go on about your day and forget.)

2. Completely (Be sure to carry out exactly and entirely what He says to do and leave nothing undone that you know He told you to do.)

3. With the right attitude (It's one thing to step out and do what the Father has commanded you to do, but what good is it if your heart isn't in it?)


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