Friday, November 23, 2018

STREETS - A Ride with Christopher

A little background to this video: It was taken approximately 5PM today. Most people in the video have been ministered to before either by myself or with people with me. One of them includes a woman in a wheelchair that I had previously prayed for the night before while visiting during a night-watch. At that time, she was suffering from pain and arthritis in her left arm. You can watch the video to hear the report of how that was doing this day. Also, a few cliff notes to the car ride (cause I know it was real choppy):

-Was given a few dollars to buy whatever he liked
-Was handed gospel tracts upon his request to witness to people
-Was informed of another ministry in town that specifically meets the needs of the homeless and needy
-Was dropped off in order to buy a cup of coffee

Eventually, I want to get a dash cam for the car because for whatever reason, there's too much interference with what I have now.
Praise reports: -Salvation Army opening their doors for freeze nights
-God's testimony of healing

Prayer requests: -Christopher's medicine and housing needs
-Linda's continued relief from arm pain
-More gospel tracts

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