Tuesday, May 29, 2018

And He will show you things to come (Part 1)

I love God. And I make no qualms about the fact that the Lord and I are very close. I talk to Him, and He speaks to me. Have I discerned the voice of Holy Spirit correctly 100% of the time? Unfortunately, no. But even in those times, there were mitigating circumstances that caused me to get it wrong. Nevertheless, Jesus said in John 16:13 that Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth and show us things to come. I can't begin to tell you of the many times I have sat and waited for Holy Spirit to commune with me. But for the sake of posterity and the glory of God, I will share one season where I stayed up and received Word from God. This was during a part of my life where I was working a 1st shift job somewhere, and I had to get up early in the morning. Despite this, however, I had a strong desire to stay up late and be with the Lord. All I wanted to do was pray to Him and praise Him. That's it. I had no other motive for wanting to spend time with Him other than that. So for three days straight, instead of going to bed, I stayed up in my living room and sang songs to Him and poured out my heart to Him in prayer. On the third and final day of staying up doing this, I remember walking over to my couch and the Lord opening up my spirit and heart to receive from Him.

He spoke to me concerning three specific things He wanted to accomplish in my life, and then He gave details about each one. The first thing He talked to me about was the fact that He was going to provide me with a wife. This in itself was an encouragement to me since I had been growing in that area of longing for some time by then. But He wasn't finished speaking. He then started to give me descriptions of what this future woman would be like. The characteristics God gave me for her included: That she would be skinny, would wear glasses, would be shy, and would have curly hair. I even remember writing these things down as He spoke to me about her.

Afterward, I was so excited, that what followed after was a series of events where every time I saw a woman who even remotely resembled these descriptions, I would seek her out. Some of these instances proved to be even comical. And some almost got me into trouble. It's been a few years since I received this Word from the Lord, and I still don't know where this woman of God is or how or when we're going to meet. But I still believe the Lord for what He imparted to me that night while I spent time with Him. The last time I asked Holy Spirit for a timeframe of when He would bring her into my life, I gauged a period of about three years from now. I know God wants to do more things in my life before then. So I'm staying busy with things He has put in my care and planning.

I'm writing this blog post to set a marker for the time when this prophecy does come to pass, that there will be a record of it being said before it happens. And all glory and praise will belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. For He is worthy! Amen

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